The Blonde Avenue comes to you from a place of love for all things glamorous & luxurious, anything that helps women feel positive and excited about themselves and their outlook on the world. Margarita believes that glamour is an intimate and beautiful expression of femininity, in all its forms, from the sexy mysterious woman, to the subtly alluring, to the exciting and vital or perhaps one who is  unapologetic in her honesty.

At The Blonde Avenue we aim to enhance women’s knowledge on everything from beauty products to the latest designers, with a strong emphasise on women’s well being both mental and physical.

Founded by Margarita Nazarenko who believes that women have a huge potential to have it all. From a stunningly successful career to a centred frame of mind with a gorgeous outfit and luscious locks to boot. The Blonde Avenue was created as a platform to show case everything from new and healthy recipes to the latest lip gloss as well as poignant and personal relationship advice with room to grow and form a strong community with a space for women to come together and share ideas.

Margarita’s background lays in acting and modelling where she appeared on The Bill and Doctors as well as the West End stage after which she moved to Sydney Australia. Her many talents as well as her love of fashion, beauty, food and self improvement have taken her in the direction of presenting and blogging resulting in The Blonde Avenue.