Summer Fashion Is Not Fashion



‘Summer fashion is not fashion!’ I typed on my iPhone keyboard as I drank my morning glass of Keffir and shot out of the door. Promptly Erin and Lauren argued their case about summer being perfect for fashion, however, I was behind the wheel, driving and couldn’t argue my case but I will now.
Fall/Autumn fashion is the business when it comes to layers, jackets, opulent coats and sky high boots! I love thick sweaters pared with thigh high boots, interesting cut outs and cuffs on the wrist. I like my sweaters off the shoulder matched with a tough cuff like the one I am wearing by Hermes.
Lately I have been balancing study with blogging and presenting for McGrath, it’s a lot but I love the feeling of being busy. It’s truly special knowing that you have purpose.
What are you all doing at the moment, what is driving you?