Let me tell you about my latest crush...



Regal and luxurious this crush is no ordinary thing, velvet was always a material I steered clear of, too reminiscent of gypsies and grandmothers, I felt it to be a texture I could not pull off. Alas how wrong I was. Velvet has began to recently grab my attention in a new and awesome way, seeing it styled up by several street bloggers, the material has grown on me and become some what of an obsession.

I love it in emerald, plush pink and electric blue. I adore how it reminds me of Mick Jagger and the 70s disco scene. The best way to wear it, I feel is in the form of a disheveled shoulder heavy blazer with messy Parisian hair or low bun, or perhaps a silky velvet nightgown style dress over a plain white T finished with a lace choker, better still how about in the form of an ultra modern boot with a ripped pair of denims to complete the ensemble?

Am I the only one crushing or are you too?

I say it's time to embrace velvet revolution and role with the gypsy granny vibe!



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