The weather has made an epic turn for the worst here in sunny Sydney and I can hand on heart say I really do not mind.

My opinion of course differs from the usual sun worshiping Sydney-sider but wait before you dismiss me as all doom and gloom here are just a few reasons why postponing summers bombastic arrival isn't always such a bad thing.



  1. Wrinkles! You get less of them the less sun you see! I know this isn't a priority for everyone but I am the skin geek in the corner of the class room who would love to preserve the look of youth for just a tad longer if I may? Thank yooou!
  2. Excuse to frequent sexy night spots and restaurants or simply stay inside with your 'lover' (say lover like Carrie Bradshaw says in SATC when speaking about the Russian). Not that one needs an excuse of course but I love the closeness a cold evening brings don't you?
  3. Talking of cold nights lets just stop and discuss rainy mornings shall we? Nothing beats a slightly rainy morning, when you feel like it's OK to have a lie in or to partake in cozy homely activities such as pottering around, tea drinking and cat stroking.
  4. Last but by no means least, you have faux fur! I don't want to let go of this super cool, 70's retro trend just yet but am afraid I will have to for Sydney summer is looming ever closer. Alternatively I could wear it and risk over heating and certain death. However, for those of you on heading for winter on the other side of the globe, please take this trend and embrace it as your own. I here by pass on the furry beacon. Enjoy!