Boy do I feel like the prodigal son...

I have been thinking about you a lot, planning all the ways I can let you be a part of my life, all the ways I can entertain you and show you aspects of my life, answer your questions and in turn help you find your way in life. 

Most thoughts however, aren't as important as actions. Thoughts thought grow your mind and spirit, as the thinker thinks so he becomes, however saying that, actions need to then take place in order to progress the person and deliver them to said goals.

My goal being to grow The Blonde Avenue, connect with you and be as honest possible with you all, otherwise what is the point? I have been growing my youtube channel for you and with 2k subs, I am proud that a community is forming, but I know that it is vital to share that journey with you all. What is the point of creating these videos for you if I do not share them with you. 

So here is my latest, i was invited to attend an exhibition show casing life in Okinawa Japan, to discover why the people who live there don't age or die young and to generally learn about the culture. Click the video above and come on the journey with me.

With you forgiveness for my absence I vow to post weekly.