Billion Dollar Eyes

I have a terrible, terrible habit.

Extending myself.

In many ways, some are good, like yoga and reading books or taking on projects that intellectually challenge me.

However, the bad extending I am referring to consists of hair extensions and eye lash extensions, heels are also a form of this art, since you do extend your height with those babies.

I will tell you more about my hair in another post. But lets start with the eyes.

I love a big Bambi eye! I hate to stick on lashes everyday. I am a lazy beauty lover. But I do love the big eye with lots and lots of lashes.

I first began my love affair when I was competing in Miss Universe. I found out a lot about beauty then which I've taken with me. I got introduced to eyelash extensions. I used to be addicted and get them done in Oxford street London, I got my mum hooked as well as most of my friends, except of course for those who prefer to be natural. A very solid preference indeed! Nothing wrong with it, however if you're interested in a slight extension. I would really strongly recommend eyelash extensions!

I found a great place since moving to Sydney to get the Bambi eyes.

Billion Dollar Brows in Bondi Junction.

A cute stand alone store in the middle of the mall, I would recommend a reservation. The application takes around an hour and I normally like to get my brows done also. A little shape and colour. These girls are truly brilliant.

The initial cost varies but is normally around $130 in OZ. At this particular salon they where there about, the infills which come up every two weeks in you're anal like me and every 3 weeks if you're normal, and every 4 weeks if you're down right neglectful (I have friend that does this but I won't mention names, 



Here are my eyes after two weeks, some lashes do go astray of decide to flip over. An eyelash is like a fish. It flips over when it dies, at which point you know its time to remove it!

Here is them after the infill.

Billion Dollar Brows - 

1300 811 39213

From Margarita,

with Love