Easter in Gladesville

Part of the fun of my presenting is that I get to peek into around three properties a day if I am lucky. On this particular day I met with John Paranchi who took me to a home in Gladesville, seeing as I am fresh off the boat from London I love seeing neighbourhoods which are new to me. Australian properties can have some of the most spectacular views and amazing architecture.

Todays home had a beautiful feature in the pool, which to me looked like a Versace lions head.

Naturally I had to lounge next to it for you, the colours are beautifully blue and looked so vivid in the sunlight.

I wore a dress by Kookai which I bought in a few colours, corporate but form fitting, whilst the shoes I nabbed in Ralph Lauren when I was last in London. I can honestly tell you that I WISH I had bought them in all the colours available, they are extremely sexy and so comfortable.



After exploring this home with its acid greens and baby blues we went on a hunt for Easter Eggs, ok not really, we actually went to see what else Gladesville has to offer and stumbled on this fabulously festive chocolate shop where the candy came in cat, chicken and bunny shape!

The chicken and the bunny on a see-saw.

Huge easter eggs for the extreme chocolate lover.

Some extremely festive chicken inspired candy!

To say the shop has variety would be an understatement, the boys tried plenty of sweets and told me how good they were, I tried none! I am on this 'get healthy' mission as of yesterday, but they LOOKED bloody fantastic!

Me sizing up the chocolates.

Matt showing me how its done.

Me copying Matt.

The boys from Platinum HD are honestly the best film crew around, have a look at the stuff they do


After some exploring of the store and wishing so badly I could devour the candies...we left!

As we did so, I noticed a green and white gorgeous pebble sweet named after me.

Alas it was meant to be?

If you want to try these chocolates for your self, I was kind enough to get a business card for all you chocolate lover 

The Rocks

75 George Street

The Rocks, Sydney 




207 Victoria Road

Gladesville, NSW


If you want to have a look at some of John Paranchi's gorgeous homes like I did feel free to email him on


From Margarita,

with Love.