Every wedding starts somewhere


Let's take a pause after saying that word.

The wedding is a big deal, its big news and takes big planning.

My wedding ideas began one september 2nd, 2013 and not a moment earlier. That was the day Simon proposed, I was never the type of young girl who dreamt up her wedding and planned who I would marry, in fact I had never really been to a wedding before save the one we attended four days before the proposal took place.  

The furthest I had ever gone as a child in my wedding interest was a wedding Barbie. That passion was to do with how beautiful Barbie was in my eyes and still is, and very little to do with a wedding.

But it seems now I have a wedding to plan. I am excited beyond belief to be with Dr.S, to bring everyone together and to create a day everyone will enjoy. It's special. 

I love an event that's planned beautifully as you might have guessed.

I am however entering the wedding world blindly, so if anyone wants to recommend me anything at all, I am all ears! Or should I say eyes. I will update you on my proceeding developments and hope you enjoy planning this with me as it were.

The first part for me was to decide who is coming. 

I jumped onto Bespoke LetterPress, I heard they were the best and had them whip up some save the dates for me.

This morning I had a delicious delivery. My save the dates had arrived.

I ripped open the box, like an excited but very careful child on Christmas Day.

Inside were squishy white pillow which engulfed my precious blue ribboned save the dates.

I peeked inside and dug out three in total.

The invites we wanted were to be modern, glamorous and formal. I think Bespoke got them spot on.

They even designed a crest specially for Dr.S and I.

Now you know I liked that.

Later that day I met the wonderful Erin Holland fresh off the plane from Melbourne, she would accompany me to my first flower appointment.

We went to see Eric Jacob Floristry whom I chose to meet because of the gorgeous aesthetics and eye for modern glamour.

We met, ate macaroons and chatted about my wants and needs, the next step is shooting back some images and visiting my venues.

As we left the wonderful Tania handed me this exquisite white orchid.

I think I might be sold.

For invites like mine contact




For Eric Jacob contact

Tania Antoun

Executive Stylist |Eric Jacob Floristry

143 Beattie Street, Balmain NSW 2041

0406 806 202

From Margarita,

with Love.