Friday was good to me

On good friday I travelled to Vaucluse to see Dr.S's family. His mother is a wonderful cook and an inspiration in that field most certainly. She takes pride in her family meals and from what Dr.S tells he, had the family around the dinner table at 7pm sharp every single night.

It is the done thing to only eat fish on good friday or at least in his family it is. I personal have never attempted to adhere to those rules. I think fish is fabulous on any given night of the week to be frank.

On the way there we went church scouting. We have already picked the church in which we are to be wed however looking at some more can't hurt can it?

I am wearing a skirt by

Heels by Ralph Lauren and the top is kookai. 

Seriously don't know what I used to wear on my top half before I bought this top in all the colours.

 The sky was festive and scrolled with Easter love. We finally decided that the church we first picked was best for us and drove quickly to his parents house. We hadn't had any form of breakfast and couldn't wait to dig in.

We arrived at the beautiful cliff side home where all the relatives were waiting.

The starter was a gorgeous black bean soup which I have wanted to recipe to for a year or so but am yet to acquire.

Whilst the mains were a choice of two, a beautifully healthy crumbed salmon with roast potatoes. Now this bad boy was was truly amazing. I will for sure, 100%, cross my heart hope to die write the recipe out for you in an up coming blog. 

The alternative was a shop bought coastal fish and double cooked chips. Double fat, double yum.

I do not know the recipe for this, but I am sure a costal fish and chip shop you go to will provide it for you no problem.

The dessert, which I gave into, was provided my Courtney, in the form of vanilla and chocolate cheese cake cupcakes. I died for the latter. So, so brilliant.

After our lovely good friday feast, we waddled down the path towards the cliff tops. This was one of my first impressions of Australia and remains the best.

 You simply don't see the ocean so vividly in its crystal blue and wild natured ferocity very often.

The beautiful Erin joined us before flying off to see her family for Easter.

 We left the ocean behind and drove home. We stopped suddenly and took this picture. Sydney, it all its breath taking, sun setting beauty.

From Margarita,

with Love.