How to train your dragon (man)

I am no relationship expert.

Actually yes I am, I AM a relationship expert. 

By that I mean I am retrospective, I love to watch people, how they react, how they behave, what makes them tick. Not just in my own relationships but also in others.

I read a lot about humans, their psychology, interactions, behaviours, this includes biographies and studies.

So here is my 'expert' opinion. 

No relationship can survive unless you WORK at it. 

By that I mean you have to make an effort to make that person happy and especially with men there are a few simple guide lines:

-If they don't feel appreciated, its the beginning of the end.

-If they don't feel like a hero in some sense, the same goes.

-If you can't control what you fight over and if you can't stop your self from NAGGING. It's pretty much nearly done.

No relationship is perfect.

By no means.

But I do know that if you nag and treat a man like a baby, oh honey, he will ACT like one.

Women tend to take on the mothering role. Reminding men to take their keys, where they put their bag and asking if they remember their doctors appointment, then getting angry at his forgetfulness when he forgot. Hey presto he turns into a naughty child.

If you give some one power and responsibility, in my experience and from what I have read and seen in others, they step up to the plate. Ask Mrs.Australia, Kate Johnson.

She has it down pat.

Men have it in them to be gentlemen and look after you in which ever way you like.

Anyway what this post is about, is my participation in Dr.S's activities.

I used to to do it begrudgingly until I realised what it means when you can appreciate and acknowledge what your man enjoys.

Trust me, if you be a cheerleader for his favourite activates he will really 'Love' it and see you in a great light.

Hey you might enjoy it too!

So on this particulate day I decided to take my dragon to the Golf course.

(Reference to to the movie "How to train your Dragon", all men who are offended by this please realise I do not think that men should be trained, this is a cute Disney movie where the Dragon and boy form a loving, beautiful relationship!)

So now that we are all clear....

The golf course was beautiful and lush, the way I enjoy Golf days is by driving the buggy around for half of the course after which I drive my self to the club house and have a bubbly or two!

Happy Dragon (playing golf), happy Boy (drinking champagne)!

I started the day with a coffee and some food.

Promptly ordered some 'manly' food for him whilst I enjoyed my lovely avocado on rye.

We loved the local wild life until an aggressive asian man powered by his screaming hareem of ladies threw the beautiful lizard from the balcony in order to 'save' the women (see men love to be a hero), whilst proclaiming 

 "No worry! He can fly!"

Please don't panic, the not so flying lizard was fine. I checked.

I played a little on the putting green before Dr.S began the game.

See how I participate!?

I wore these gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti flats.

I highly recommend booking a golf day with your boy if that's his thing.

I know every man has a hobby!

From Margarita,

with Love.