Is Vodka too obvious?

Everyone needs a collection right?

Boys have cars or tanks, girls have lips glosses and barbies obviously these change with age. Well not so much for boys. 

I personally have never got the hand of collecting anything, I don't feel the need to trap and keep things like Pokemon but I do love beautiful things. To look at and to have around me.

I have recently acquired two such things, one from my mum and one from Dr.S. 

This is my first bottle I've managed to obtain, it was given to my mum as a gift and she re gifted it to me. A Russian vodka which holds a mine inside it's belly.

The send came into my possession because I saw it in my local bottle shop. I guess they had it left over from Chinese New Year. Alas it is a Lithuanian vodka with a dragon inside amongst floating, glittering shards of gold dust. Simply magical.

Is Vodka too obvious to collect?