Italian if you please

Criniti's is a lovely place, italian food is always lovely, but as a restaurant Crinti's has always been more than welcoming to my friends and I.

They love to host  a good party and welcome large numbers. I've been to the Darling Harbour location a few times, however I have never been to Paramatta. 

In fact I haven't been to Paramatta full stop. But Stephanie convinced me, she works locally and I don't live too far away. Exploring the new Criniti's was a must.

 We settled in at the lovely Church street location, the road was shut off because they knew we were coming! (not really it was a simple traffic divert) But a girl can pretend huh?

 Cute both out doors and in doors! On my way to the bathroom I saw a table of 10 devouring the most enormous pizza I've ever seen on a long wooden board spanning 2 meters! Pizza perfection. I should have grabbed a slice. But you know Steph and I like a good salad.

 The cheeky minx surprised me with a gift from Mecca Maxima!

 The lip stick/gloss that I've been hunting. The girl knows me, the colour was 'Baby Doll'. In amazing Bardot pink. Glossy and pillowy. 

 I put it straight on. You should try it also. Array of colours from Kardashian Beauty En-Joystick.

 I promptly told the staff to trick me into thinking I was drinking alcohol with a Virgin Cosmo! They did a fabulous job allowing me to be phantom drunk! Drinking and driving isn't so good.

 Two perfect chicken salads arrives. Mine with figs and pine nuts and Steph's was a med salad.

 We went home truly happy and then Steph showed off her shoes which she managed to get for $4 dollars. Trust me they didn't start of as that. Something only Stephanie Naumoska can do! If you wanna know how go and hassle her for answers!

 She wears a skirt by Que and shoes by Wanted.