Kevin does HAIR

Kevin really does do good hair. He also does good conversation and is genuinely one of the best people you'll ever meet. Then again I would say that, him being British!

But really all my friends and I worship at the alter of Kevin Mckenzie Hair.

First of they really care, about your hair and what suits you, taking you through the process and what will match with you personality and skin tone.

Erin Holland (Miss World Australia) is a long time worshiper as am I. Both of us are blond so won't let just anyone touch our hair not even with a barge pole. Its a delicate thing don't you know.

So Erin and I planned our pilgrimage to Kevin's a few days ago. So come along.

I wore a white shirt by none other than Sports Girl. Skirt by Kookai and bag by Louis Vuitton, Dr.S recently decided he loves me enough to present me with it. I'll show you more in a future post.

Erin looked Devine but didn't want to be documented due to her fresh and very black tan!

The salon is super modern and industrial. The feel is open and the location ideal. The hairdressing needless to say is perfection as are the wonderful girls who work there.

 This wonderful pink ball makes your hair big with a capital B. Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy.

Candy for having your hair done?

The very tanned Erin and I pre hair magic.

My fabulous Erin Doll, wearing her Opa designs jewellery. Look at those locks!

Me after I've been reinvented.

Kevin Mckenzie - Sydney -




TEL: 02 9262 2444

From Margarita,

with Love