Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion week ended for me with two fabulous parties, great friends, lots of MOET and Ciroc to top it off. Naughty me!

Hugos is one of my favourite places to go for pizza or drinks on any given night but when Shiralee Coleman tells me that she is throwing the official Mercedes-Benz fashion week after party I was more than excited. This girl really knows how to throw the best party and when it comes to fashion knowledge she is the cats meow! Don't believe me? Check out this fashionistas page

Dr.S, Stephanie and I decided to drop by the Fashion Palette's 6th birthday party first to show our love for them, also I couldn't comprehend missing the Steve Khalil dresses that were going to be on show there as well as the fountains of MOET!

We drove threw the rain, all dressed in black, honestly you'd think we'd be more creative for the close of fashion week! Perhaps wearing black was 'fitting'...mourning the end as it were. 

After convincing the gentlemen on the door that we were in fact not drunk and simply excitable types we were thrust into the fabulous world that Fashion Palette had created to celebrate their 6th birthday.

The forever gorgeous Stephanie wore 

Dress by Seduce

Shoes by Wanted

After a few picture on the wall we were greated by trays of sparkly, bubbly MOET. A variety of colour infused pop drinks, trays of yummy canapés and best of all dresses! Oh the dresses were amazing, worn through out the event by models holding bunches of fat baloons.

I am more in love with Steven Khalil than is reasonable. If I could, I would be wearing him daily, like a mad woman. When choosing a wedding gown I was in a serious toss up between him and Vera Wang. If you haven't seen this mans genius I suggest you have look.

The birthday had a great crowd all dressed to the nines, as we sipped out MOET we made out an angelic shape in the crowd. It was none other than Lyndl. When I say angelic I mean it, this model isn't simply pretty she's a go getter. We spoke about her new and truly inspired project named Australian model conference providing young models with all they need to know. Its nice when women look out for each other, in fact I think its paramount as does Lyndl clearly.

Lyndl wore

Dress by Cameo the label

As fun as this party was I was itching to get to Hugo's to see what Shiralee had in store for us!

We once more braved the rain, ran to our car and were on our merry way!

Upon our arrival to the Hugo's Lounge we were greeted by gents with umbrellas who escorted us to the media wall, then promptly up the stairs where the party was in full swing. 

There we were instantly spotted by the Goddess Shiralee in her swan like structured dress, within 2 minutes we were sorted! Pizzas, champagnes, vodkas, cocktails basically anything we wanted. Told you she knows how to throw a party.

I wore

Dress by Kookai

Shoes by Aldo


Shiralee wore

Dress by Galanni

I started with an amazing Espresso Martini. Hugo's is famous for it's amazing Martinis.

Beautiful pink and red hanging lanterns made the night magical.

Lots of MUMM champagne.

If you want to have a Hugo's experience I would highly recommend it!

33 Bayswater Rd, Sydney NSW 2011

(02) 9357 4411

From Margarita,

with Love.