Nick you're a Darling.

 To wrap up Anzac day a few of my lovely ladies and I decided to visit Nick's seafood restaurant in Darling Harbour.

This place was my favourite ever since I arrived in Sydney. I bumped into it by accident perhaps because it's smack bang in the the middle of Darling Harbour, which Dr.S tells me if he ever lost me, he is sure to find me there.

I also love a good seafood restaurant. It was true love when I tried their prawns, and crab and avocado salad.

It is set beautifully right on the harbour, you can get a table either inside or outside where you can look out on the sparkling harbour and glistening water through the manicured greenery.

The menu is straight forward and seafood a plenty, I always order from the chalk drawn specials board and get two starters instead of a main.

 The only fish Steph eats is a Barrumandi so here it is.

The chips she said were slightly under salted but I suppose that's a healthier less heat attack-y version.

My favourite dishes which I ALWAYS order without question are garlic prawns, these are so so good.

Then there is this kick ass crab, mango and vinaigrette salad.

So fresh and perfect.

Felicity ordered prawns pilled on top of each other in a prawn tower of goodness.

We had an amazing time devouring the fishy dinner closely supervised by the very attentive waiters and staff. 

When suddenly out of no where a MOET bottle arrived with a note attached.

So sweet and so very welcome.

Thank you to the nice gentleman, we certainly loved to bubbles.

Steph being psychic matched the bubbles to her nail and phone.

Then a miracle happened, Erin holland had a glass of MOET with us. She never drinks but she really should, look how loving she becomes.

We left after thanking the lovely champagne sending gentleman, walked past the lobster butts and onto the harbour, where families were walking, people were drinking and sailors were fighting, all over Anzac Day.

We avoided the fighting peacock like men and took some night snaps.

Erin wore a skirt I adored by Blessed are the meek.

I wore gold bracelets and a gold watch over an all black outfit wrapped by a Hermes belt.

We bumped into the lovely Lyndl and took her to meet Mrs Australia who was celebrating with her husband and many men in the AirForce.

Here is my Mrs Austalia happy in the arms of an Air Force man.

 Erin took the opportunity to try on a new fashion.

I think it fetching.

We kidnapped Mrs Australia, Kate Johnson for girly times.

We ended the night looking like naughty school girls, with a glass of dry dry wine at the QT but that place deserves it's own special post.

From Margarita,

with Love.