Nothing Wrong with Mr Wong

Mr Wong's. How I love Mr Wong's. Its truly difficult to say. 

This is by far my favourite Cantonese stye asian restaurant in Sydney. The amazing food is brought to you by Eric Koh and Dan Hong and is truly something else. 

My favourite part however has to be the decor, a beautiful mix of chinese and colonial. It's like old France and China smashed together to form the perfect mix.

The night began with a few cosmos at the Hemesphere above Establishment on Gerorge street, you enter then turn left and take the elevator to the fourth floor. The night was preceded with cosmos because a. I love them and b. I love Mr.Wong's so arrived 15 minutes too early. Now with this place you must book so mostly tables aren't available until your booking time. Ah well, cocktails it was!

Hemisphere had fabulous cocktails, not too sweet and on the serious side. The band that was playing was brilliant and the service was even better. Classy joint. Highly recommend it.

We then took the elevator down and ran in the rain to Mr.Wong's as my future mother in law warned that I might slip in the rain and the heels and break my neck. I didn't care! Mr Wong's I was on my way!

Greated by the cat!

I love a dark, moody dining experience, it really makes my night more special and dare I say everyone looks better with a little mood lighting.

The food arrived soon after the cocktails. The wine list is vast. I love the low sugar wines, on the dry side. Girls take's kinder on the 'figure'.

Roasted Angus beef shortrib “Shandong style”, soy, chilli and shallot dressing

Kung pao chicken, peanuts, dried chillies, szechuan pepper

This one was my favourite dish, spicy and goooorgeous.

Crispy spiced tofu

 Some crispy greens.

Then came the dish (of which we ordered three.)

The spectacular Pork Hock in Sweet and Sour sauce and JUST then my friends, my camera died. 

So I suppose you'll just have to go and try it yourselves...

Seriosuly, go try it yourselves!!!

3 Bridge Ln, Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9240 3000

From Margarita,

with Love.