The Ivy Story

A few days ago my girls and I decided to meet for drinks and food! Lyndl suggested the Ivy, everyone has either heard of the Ivy or been to the Ivy. I soon learnt this three years ago, basically as soon as my feet hit the ground in Sydney Airport. Like it or hate it, its known.

On this certain occasion, with Lyndl and Steph on my arm (or should I say arms) I most definitely liked it! With a capital L. 

We met in a dark alley under The Ivy where Lyndl proceeded to inform us how every boutique there was her favourite, from the hair dresser to a cute little dress store she assured me was the best. 

I wore a white silk shirt

Shorts by

Pimping white blazer by

Bracelet and necklace from Hermes and watch by Michael Kors

 The sexies were wearing

and of course Wanted Shoes for Steph.

We climbed up to the roof top (by climbed I mean got the elevator) and aimed our selves straight at the bar.

If you've never been to the Ivy then I must tell you that this venue is aimed to look and feel like a pool bar, perhaps one you'd find in Vegas. On this particular night it had the feel of a sexy roof top city bar with a pool and grassy green, the glistening lights of the city were magical and as you might guess right up my street.

 We plopped ourselves in the most comfy chairs right in the middle of the pool as Lyndl sorted out our drinks with the gorgeous 'pool boy'!

He soon arrived with my never changing Cosmo, Lyndl's grown up espresso Martini and Steph's very girly and aptly named Porn Star Martini. If you haven't tried it, please do, if not for the Chandon palette cleanser alone! Tres Chic.

Did you know that Lyndl never takes a bad picture?

Annoying I know.

Steph's beautiful read claws and Michael Kors watch.

The night was beautiful and balmy, we chatted about boys, the status of boys and all the fun you can have with them, clearly the conversation got better as our cocktails got emptier, however we didn't stay drink less long. Not at the Ivy. 

Lyndl gets champagne and strawberries with kisses at the Ivy.

The sound of our rumbling stomachs soon got too loud and we were kindly pointed toward Uccello, a gorgeous Italian fine dining experience which spills beautifully onto the Ivy pool area. How could we say no?

We made out way past the elevators and into the scrumptious and warm italian style restaurant.

Lyndl examined the menu with the finesse of a glamorous tiger.

When in Rome?

Which meant we ordered bolognese, greens, clam pasta and steak.

All was delicate yet real in flavour, you could tell the chef had thought about the menu since everything was done to perfection and complimented the dining experience.

 They even helped me choose the driest of dry wines, less sugar less stress for me.

We were amazingly satisfied but not stuffed as we proceeded for round two at the Ivy pool bar, where a brunette vs blond battle took place over the pool boy. I assure you, it all ended peacefully at Level 6, but to know what that was like my friends, you'll just have to go there yourselves.

For Uccello and The Ivy experience

4/320 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9240 3000

From Margarita,

with Love.