They went to Kelly's then she got hair!

I met my beautiful ladies in Bondi Junction for some food before I embarked on my 'long hair journey'. This is a journey I am often on, either with vitamins or extensions. 

There is simply nothing as good as long flowing hair. After all, no one ever forgot lady Godiva or Rapunzel! 

The ladies I met are in my mind queens of hair. They colour, extend and change it up at their whim. So we met to talk careers, men and HAIR.

Kelly's is a lovely restaurant in Bondi Junction Westfield, my favourite part is the view of the city. It's not too crowded and great for a day time meeting.

I wore skin tight pencil skirt and top from Kookai. Available here -

The bag is a Miranda bag from Michael Kors named after Australia's pride and joy.

Stephanie had her beautiful Prada bag. Zara Sweater. Bardot Jeans.

And red red lips.

Erin showed up soon after wearing her fabulous Santini shoes and dress..."I don't remember where I got it...." 

The lunch menu in Kelly's is great. At least for me. I love a good none greasy salad with amazing prawns or chicken which is seasoned well! 

I do have to say the service took a while (you can tell by the state of the bread) but we didn't mind as we had a lot to walk about! 

Mainly my Bunny bottle top! I bought my mum as an Easter gift from the Bondi Junction Pottery Barn.

After this I made my way down to the ZOLF salon in Double Bay. They recently moved here from their city location. I heard ALOT about this salon, mainly about their hair extensions. As far as my hair extension journey goes all I can say is that it has been a long and winding road. I've tried all sorts. I've had Keratin, Micro Beads, Bonds so I wanted to try the ZOLF technology, which is a super tiny bead. The main problem with extensions for me as much as I love them is the visibility. The bonds can poke through your hair which gives you away as a hair FAKE! This isn't what you want at all. The whole point is to be incognito.

ZOLF's new salon is pretty. Its Earthy and the staff are easy to talk to. I drove them crazy with 'will this damage my hair' questions. Of course like with most things in life, if you take it easy and don't abuse it, then it won't cause damage.

This is my hair prior to application. Thick and healthy but always shoulder length. It likes to stay that way. Stubborn little b*****d.

Here it is after application. I have had perhaps 80 strands in my hair.

I will let you know what I think. But I must say so far I am a pretty happy long haired pony.

Remember that if you aren't good with maintenance this isn't for you. Use the clip ins instead. It's like a puppy, you have to be willing to look after it.

If you want to book with ZOLF contact them here -



 02 9251 7771

From Margarita,

with Love.