Westfield welcomes Giuliana Rancic

It has certainly been a very busy week!

So what I am going to do is catch you all up on it over the next 3 days.

Lets start at the beginning shall we? 

A few days ago I was invited by my fabulous, extremely hard working modelling agent, Taryn, to the welcoming party at Westfield for none other that Giuliana Rancic, the E! sweetheart and all round fashion icon. I of course jumped at the chance!

I quickly picked up a cute peach coloured dress, curled my hair, put my face on and waited for Dr.S to pick me up as he was my designated driver and plus one! The call came in one hour before we were due to leave. He was stuck in surgery. Someone in need of medical attention is certainly more important than cocktails and fashion so I understood. 

I put pen to paper (or brain to thinking) and re hatched my plan.

I decided on an extremely sexy minx would accompany me on this special evening. None other than my favourite actress and all around unique individual Marissa Wynne.

Told you she was a sexy minx!

The red carpet photographers proceeded to inform Marissa several times that she was in fact very photogenic. Fun and informative.

We entered an extremely red but glamorous room with pretty male waiters sporting trays of champagne while the DJ entertained the forming crowd.

 Marissa sported a look she named 'Sassy Secretary'.

She wore a top from


and her skirt was a favourite of mine which you can find at


Feel free to click right on the links.

We positioned ourselves nice and close to the canapés, which were delicious.

The decor was opulent and beautiful. I loved the squishy bunches of roses which stood on white pillars.

The champagne in our glasses didn't have a chance to run out, one of the boys would run over and top it straight up.

Which Marissa enjoyed.

I soon spotted my wonderful agent. Not often you see a model agent thats prettier than her models, but there you go!

It was absolutely amazing to see everyone but Marissa and I were starving. 

We waited to see Giuliana appear, she was beautifully dressed, super slender and discussed her love for Australian designers who she feels dominate her wardrobe, such as Sass and Bide.

We ran out and ran into the first place we saw.

Which to our surprise turned out to be JUST what we needed.

Bo Larn Vinatge Thai is a very well decorated restaurant with some very yummy food.

The kitchen is visible for your viewing pleasure and the ingredients can be seen as you dine, giving it a street food vibe.

We took some time perusing the menu. The debate of healthy vs greasy took place. Marissa plays for team greasy, she eats what she wants, and I am an avid healthy eater, or at least I try!

Marissa's 'I'm sorry I ordered the greasy curry puffs' face.

To be fair they did look good.

We ordered some glasses of dry white wine and discussed our lives.

 Very quickly our orders of Masoman beef, thai chicken with asain salad arrived.

They were delicious! Just what the doctor ordered! 

Which reminded me of Dr.S, it was time to wrap it up and go home.

I would most definitely recommend Bo Larn Vinatge Thai, very earthy real tasting food and great service.

Make a reservation on 

02 9388 0887

From Margarita,

with Love.