Last weekend I found myself in Adelaide, Dr. S needed to see a man about a dog as they say so I was brought along to take in the scenery, fresh produce and as I found out the beautiful ocean and mountain land scape.

The first day was spent on Rundle Street.

We drank coffee, ate italian and met a friend of Dr.S who is now working here.

What struck me is the peace and quiet that is present in this city, with a slight splash of the art scene.

 Rundle Street I was told is the Pitt street of Adelaide, there were plenty of cute stores to explore.

That evening we were recommended a certain eatery with exquisite fresh produce. Dr.S was so impressed he insisted on going again the next day before we got the plane back to Sydney alas sadly we didn't have time.

The restaurant was called Amalfi on 29 Frome Street.

The hand writen boards give away the hint that the restaurant serves fresh produce and the menu seems to be seasonal. The choices are meat and two veg but the selection of meats and fish is vast.

Another good clue is the amount of people that were crowded into this small eatery, win win.

Drinks were promptly ordered.

I ate a market fish with roast potatoes which were crispy and devine with the most amazing lemon and caper sauce, which was on the thick side which I adore.

Dr.S had veal with jus and the same gorgeous roasties.

After dinner we caught a cab to the Tax Payer again due to a recommendation, this is a cool hipster bar it seems with gags on the walls and bar tenders who tell you that the cosmopolitan was created for  Madonna in the 80s which made me very happy indeed. I love cosmopolitans about as much as I love Madonna.

The lychee martini they made us was clear and beautifully balanced.

 On the way back we stumbled across trash pigs. Have you ever seen anything that glamourises rubbish this much before?

Day two was about the beach and taking in the beautiful Aussie blues and sandy whites.

From Margarita,

with Love.