Doggie Rescue

The way to expand yourself as a human being is to choose something that you can do for someone or something that can do nothing for you in return.

It is the only way to grow spiritually I believe.

The most important thing however is to choose something that your soul naturally gravitates to. 

Mine has always been animal welfare as well as educating people about it.

The important thing to me is to treat everything around you with compassion and kindness.

For example, re home an animal instead of buying, eat free range and organic if you do eat meat. 

Caged eggs are pretty much a thing of history which is amazing and makes me so happy.

I remember being a kid and trying to convince people to buy free range eggs which was such  foreign concept only 10 years ago. I am amazed at how the world changes, and please believe me that every little change makes a difference.

Savour Life is incredible as you know from my previous posts. 

They donate 50% of proceeds to charity.

I had a box of their goodies at home and knew that there would be nothing more incredible then to go to a dog home and treat them with the goodies.

I grabbed Erin Holland who is a fellow animal lover, we jumped in the car with the treats and raced over to Doggie Rescue.

 Doggie Rescue has a none kill policy and is run by Monica in the pink t-shirt, she is one of those people who you can tell has a bigger heart than you could even fathom.

Doggie Rescue is her shelter for animals, she takes in hundreds and attempts to re home them in quick succession. Which isn't easy. 

People tend to buy instead of re home.

I admire people like her more than you can imagine.

There were an incredible amount of cute dogs at the shelter!

I encourage you to go and have a look for yourself.

There are many ways to help. 

From fostering, food donation, money donations or simply helping them walk the dogs!

 Erin found two very love hungry pups behind this gate.

Look at this loving little soul!

(the dog not Erin, ok maybe both!) 

Strike a pose! Noble hound.

Below is Max and I. 

A very friendly, fluffy and white pooch.

He gave me hugs in exchange for treats!

The ginger chap is named sherlock.

He isn't young but certainly looks it, I really should have asked him his youth secrets!

Needless to say the pups loved the treats!

And we loved the pups!

We had a brilliant time meeting the people who make this possible as well as seeing the dogs.

I would urge you to find something that grabs your soul and makes you step out of your shell in order to expand as a person. 

Or just visit the Doggie Rescue, if only to see this google eyed gorgeous creature I found in the Doggie shop.