I've been trying to drag the girls to a Mexican (eatery not man) for the last few months!

My first endeavour ended when moments before our arrival at my favourite Mexican I had a premonition to call them JUST to make sure my internet booking had gone through only to hear a screaming apologetic teenage voice inform me that they had in fact 'CLOSED DOWN! SOOOORRY!'

I was sorry.

I loved that restaurant. Alas we had to turn our cars, taxis and trains to another restaurant that day.

My second attempt ended when I was overruled by hungry women in favour of an italian place. I minded but being oh so diplomatic I pretended not to. Italian it was.

So here goes the third attempt.

My favourite Mexican now (that hasn't shut down) is Mejico in Pitt Street. So damn yummy, but this place is strictly for Dr.S and I.

He is sentimental that way.

El Loco was recommended to me by a few Mexican loving souls. 

So the girls and I finally congregated at said place a day or so ago.

Hungry Erin = Grumpy Erin.

Here she is waiting for the (often late) Steph.

Kate and I didn't mind. It gave us time for some romancing, which we rarely find.

The decor in this little joint is bright, chipper, colourful and a much needed brave gesture toward making this place authentic. I like that it's attached to a local pub which means if you are one for drinks and Mexican food, ding ding ding bingo! 

It's a winner.

We finally ordered minus Steph.

Mexican is casual right?

The chick can always order after!

I ordered tacos in lettuce leaves as opposed to actual tacos. 

Yes I know...I am strange!

Not to worry though! Kate ordered the real deal just so you lot can sticky beak to your hearts content!

I am someone who has tried a lot of Mexican food.

I managed to collect a lot of Mexican friends when I was growing up in London that's for sure!

I will say this. I didn't think this is the type of Mexican that 'mama' would have made. Absolutely not.  It is however fresh, zingy and has interesting flavours and much like the venue, a great interpretation on what Mexico could be.

The fresh produce was fantastic, Kate and I however decided this IS NOT the venue for a date, those little taco biatchs leak all over your hands, lap, face and everything else! At one point I was holding a tissue over Kate's lap and chest to make sure she didn't ruin her top in her eating attempts and she's a clean eater let me tell you!

Erin ordered this sexy salad with guac on the side.

To be honest, I liked the look of that beast!

Hello, my name is Margarita and I am a greedy kitty.

So I ordered some nachos with guacamole and salsa.


Then suddenly through the shrubbery look who showed complete with red lips, black girly skirt and Marilyn Monroe fluffy sweater.

Worth the wait.

From Margarita,

with Love.