Breakfasts are special.

They are times for families to get together, times for friends to meet before work if you're disciplined enough that is, they are important for nutrition and as you know, sumo wrestlers stop eating breakfast to put on weight. If you wanna be lean and mean breakfast is a big deal.

In my house it's a point of contention for sure. 

Dr.S does not see the point of this strange ritual. Hence breakfast time is not a time we share, alas with every cloud there is a silver lining. 

His distaste for this oh so important meal means that I can meet with my lovely ladies and enjoy their company over eggs and avocados!

Artisan Focacceria

230 Palmer Street


Was a suggested to me by Natalie. She had gone there the day before and couldn't wait to go again. i met her there 10 minutes late (I am sorry Natalie) and we dug into breakfast.

Natalie did don't exaggerate.

The food here blew my mind.

The cafe is on a corner in Darlinghurst. It is competed with large wooden tables, industrial chairs and a forever churning yummy smelling coffee machine.

I ordered hallumi cheese grilled with eggs on top, on the side were beautifully grilled mushrooms with a gorgeous avocado salsa on top.

I dug in so fast I forgot to take a picture. Opps!

Natalie had rye bread with beacon and oozy runny eggs.

The coffee was black and delicious.

We both recommend you go there for a get together breakfast.

Even if your partner doesn't eat breakfast!

From Margarita,

with Love.