Hugo gets the girls

 There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING like getting girls together over cocktails and food.

I enjoy seldom things more...wait let me think, I probably enjoy three things more and I will leave those to your imagination.

But a there is something to be said when girls get together. There is an unspoken understanding amongst women, as fun as men are, women understand the concept of listening without having to solve, they also understand lengthy conversation unlike the less fairer sex.

Shiralee (the gorgeous goddess) invited a few of us to Hugo's to have one of there girly get togethers.

Over the famous cocktails and amazing food.

We planted ourselves on an outdoor table as the night was balmy and perfectly warm, the great type of warm where you can't wait to have a chilled cocktail and a coat isn't necessary.

I ordered my forever favourite Cosomopolitan whilst the others enjoyed a passion fruit concoction.

Did I mention that Shiralee has the most incredible blog of her very own, she is a queen in fashion and this page is worth a read 100 times over. 

Her imagery is beautiful.

I was introduced to the most stunning Russian doll with ruby red lips.

She is a fitness queen in her own right, hence the the cropped garments making an appearance. Those things should come with a 'must have abs' label.

Stephanie wore sexy lace.

I wore Ralph Lauren knee high gold tassel boots, which were very reminiscent for me of Cossack style Russian military tassels.

They say the number one rule of style is to gather inspiration from you heritage.

Cocktails were flowing.

Cameras were snapping.

I should let you know that this whole time the boys were on a separate table at the other side of the venue.

I couldn't recommend it higher.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

We all seemed to have dressed in widow black, except those rebels in the middle.

 From Margarita,

with Love.