London Secret

Ok. Hold the train! I haven't been completely honest.

I left Sydney under the vale of night, told only a select few and headed for London and the old smog, to stop only briefly and then swiftly onto Italy!

Yes its sudden but I like it that way.

So why not join me on my little (big) adventure on the next few days?


Ok lets go.

I arrived in London, jumped into a black cab and raced to my mums house tails blazing. 

She met me with open arms and open caviar tins. It's how we say hello the Russian/English way! A spot of tea (darling) and slab of gorgeous glistening black gold on soft doughy white bread with lashing of butter (nazdarovye).

Set out on a marble kitchen top the silver caviar dish waited for its inhabitants which would soon be chilled on ice.

Tea would soon be poured into my favourite Hermes tea set.

 But before anything could commence the tin had to be opened.

And tasted! 

Yes she's cheeky. I know.

I'll let the pictures speak a thousand words.

I might sound slightly caviar crazy and I am sure it is an illness of sorts but this is home for me. I grew up on the stuff as a child in Russia. Nothing glamorous, but just a way of life. Vegemite you might say for the Aussies! 

Alright! I gest, but this is how I remember happiness as a child.

Another form of happiness is receiving this gorgeous creature from my amazing mum.

All turquoise faced, gold rimmed and perfect.

Thank you mum and Michael Kors.

I love you both, but certainly not equally.

From Margarita,

with Love.