Puppy Love

SavourLife flashed across my iPhone screen not so long ago and answered a question I had been asking my self for quite some time.

The question being, how do you convince people to pay attention and give to charity without making them feel like they have been put out of their way?

The answer is SavourLife.

I have been an animal lover, campaigner and mover for many years. I feel its important for people to feel empowered to make a change whilst at the same time letting that fit into their lives. Most animal lovers HAVE animals, which means you spend most of your time and money spending time on your own animal and simply don't have enough room to fit all the shelter animals into your home!

SavourLife donates 50 percent of their income to animals in need whilst you get to feed your dog. Win Win.

I went to Mrs Australia's house, known to me as Kate Johnson to try the treats on her dogs. We don't like yucky! And as they say, pictures speak a thousand words. What follows are some treat LOVING DOGS!

Inspired by a passion for dogs and a desire to make a difference, SavourLife®, a new Australian company, donates 50% of its profits to pets rescue organisations; helping them save and re-home abandoned dogs.  This unique social enterprise allows you to contribute to rescue dogs in need by simply purchasing premium, Australian-made treats for your own dog.  Canine lovers can even track the progress of a dog their purchase is assisting by entering the 7-digit code provided on the packet into a dedicated section on the SavourLife® website. You also have the ability to help in re-homing you dog faster, by using the code to share your dog’s profile with your friends through social media. Over 400,000 animals are abandoned across the country each year and approximately 180,000 of these are then euthanised. SavourLife’s vision is to dramatically increase the number of rescue dogs saved each year.  The SavourLife® range of strips and biscuits come in beef or chicken flavours, contain no artificial flavours or colours, are packed with Omega 3 and 6 and promote healthy teeth and gums.

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