Florence - Day One

I was looking forward to Florence simply for the romantic quality that is supposed to go hand in hand with the city.

We checked into our hotel and I took the first opportunity to take a picture of the quaint roof tops and swallows which danced with each other through the sky. 

I know you can't see the swallows but trust me, they were there, they were whimsical, cute and dancing.

We were staying just around the corner from Al Duomo captured in the photos below.

Incredible in stature and a natural attraction for history lover. 

If you are an active sort you can climb to the top.

It stands proud in a plaza with spider leg streets sprawling in all directions, for those who love to shop and look for foodie treats.

Flavoured oils galore!

Spices and mixes of food.

Pasta flavoured with squid ink and peppers.

Candy looking beads of pasta joy.

The streets are riddled with wall art beautiful stone.

One of the shops I found stocked these Rosenthal vases which I love, the dynamic structure and effortless style is a welcome addition in any home which has a modern minimalist approach to decor, they are also a nice way to add texture without colour.

If you can't get a 'large' why not start with a small. 

Here are the options:

It was time to climb back up to the safety and roof top of our hotel for some cheese, wine and chills.

Here are some details I was in love with from today.

The YSL ring.

And my Mum's Michael Kors neck chain is to die.

Cheese was served with honey, this seems to be the Italian way.

Also some apples and pears, I discovered they go with cheese famously.

The evening took us out of the hotel and on a nightly tour of the city.

I wore my Top Shop jeans, Top Shop sweater with lace detail and the white loafers, my heels are all pissed at me that they are not worn but these streets would murder my ankles in heels.

We strolled through the plaza past Chanel, the atmosphere was calm and dreamy, a welcome change after Rome.

Let me show you the magnificent art work through my eyes:

My favourite is below, dark and sinister.

Mum pretty in pink.

We arrived at the Fuime Arno and took in the sites.

The evening restaurant was named 'Golden View'.

It had the most fabulous food, I finally ordered a risotto with parmesan and saffron which was al dente and amazing.

Jazz played through out the night.

The restaurant itself sat perched about the river consisting of several cozy but airy rooms, white and perfect.

Another incredible wine choice by mother dearest, heavy and amazing.

We almost couldn't finish the bottle!

Now the photos do no justice to the food. 

I loved it so much I really wasn't bothered to take pictures!


My starter was a heaven sent sea food soup.

Then the simple but mighty risotto.

Mum's pork cheek. Cheeky pork!

We struggled through the bottle of wine and listened to jazz till the close of the night.

So far, Florence is fabulous!

From Margarita,

with Love.