Florence - Day Two

Day two in Florence took us wondering around a beautifully vivid flower market.

Fresh and juicy budding flowers in full summer bloom.

A very pleasant thing to do on a hot summer day!

Come with me ...

We turned a corner to meet a bustling market.

I didn't shop much there because I am not one for fake Gucci and Prada, I love both cheap and expensive trinkets but I really don't appreciate a fake.

I guess if you're going to go there, buy the real thing, invest in the name and the mastery and if it isn't in your budget then buy something wonderful and cheap!

We attempted to enter an art gallery soon after, but then realised we were both too Mr.Burns like to fight the hoards, so we relented and walked across the bridge in search of jewels to adorn ourselves with. Much more up our street, both in interest and geographically speaking!

What we found were pirate treasure chests of gold, bulging with jewels and cowboy turquoise.

The bridge was soon groaning full of tourists once more so after our pillaging was complete we retreated for a cool glass of rose.

Our chosen host was Gili.

They provide a central location, crust white linen and powerfully pink posy flowers to please the eye.

Cold pink beverage for you?

Yes please!

I even let my hair down!

Here I enjoyed perhaps one of the best meals from the trip. A mean and meaty tuna and pink pepper steak. So good I asked for the recipe, I might even share it with you lucky sorts!

Mum ordered an uninspired seafood salad and ate half of my tuna.

The evening was spent at Sesto on Arno.

A hotel with an incredible tasting menu that varies from the average touristic italian with a view to rival some of the best you might have seen in you life.

If views and menus are not your thing then come and have a drink at the gorgeous 1920s lobby.

Mum was quick to choose the seat with the best view.

I wore a white shirt by Zara and a necklace with an icy pastel design by River Island.

The scenery was ever changing and took on new dimensions as the night fell.

Dinner and a light show.

I wanted to share with you the black cutlery as a personal reference. How stunning is it?!

Mum ordered a meat tasting menu whilst I opted for the fish.

Here is mine:

Pumpkin stuffed crispy pasta.


Cuttle fish and asparagus sorbet.

Pea puree and squid, which I handed over to my mum due to the wet and uncooked texture of the squid, which is great but not for me.

Amazing fish ravioli.

Then some of the best crispy backed bream on mash with tempura veg.

The dessert was average. A candy red apple with crispy coated sugar crumb.

Just not my thing.

Let's have view break shall we before moving onto the meat menu?

Night time wonderland.

The meat menu :

Cute and tiny but mighty in taste Pork Cubes on sliced carrots.

Slithers of duck with flowers.

So good.

Chubby vegetable pasta with parmesan.

More cubes but this time made of beef with potato stack and jus.

Sorbet of strawberries for desert.

From Margarita,

with Love.