Harry's Bar - Venice

 I've been itching to go to Harry's Bar in Venice ever since I heard Jamie Oliver talk about it being the birth place of the Bellini, he recreated the classic cocktail on TV but I knew that trying the real deal was a MUST for me.

So I made a bee line toward the restaurant as soon as Mum and I had a chance.

This restaurant was one of the first in the Cipriani group.

The decor is like walking into a ship, small and cozy, white and the waiters are dressed beautifully in white suits, as are most of the guests.

You can smell the beautiful food wafting out of the kitchen due to the closeness of the kitchen to the seating area.

Two Bellini's were promptly placed onto our table.

They were, needless to say, delicious.

Yummy, fizzy, gorgeous Bellini and I.

Mum ordered a beef carpaccio which she told me was one of the best she had ever had. I believed her, by how fast she ate it.

My order was that of glorious lobster pasta, each pasta piece was individual in size which meant it was fresh from the kitchen. The lobster chunks were delicious and generous in size.

Basically some of the best food we ever had along with some of the best service.

Mum had a baked ham pasta.

I would strongly recommend going if you can. Very, very strongly.

After lunch we found Hermes for mum, those who know her, know why it is important!

And those who know me will know why this bag of Giuseppe Zanotti is so important to me!

When in Italy shop Italian.

We stopped for a cool glass of wine by the canal. 

Most hotels have a balcony which comes out onto the river.

 A perfect place to relax in the shade.

 Look at this amazing rabbit print I found and regret not buying.

We ate so much at Harry's that dinner was a simple feast of langoustines at Al Vagon a small restaurant under a bridge.

I wore a DVF dress in leopard.

The fresh sea food was delicious a must in Venice.

 From Margarita,

with Love.