Rome - Day Two

Day two of Rome was very much an exploratory affair.

Both Mum and I had never been to Rome, armed with a map on which several of our friends had scrolled etchings of where is best to go, we began our quest. Me in search of cool places and things to eat and Mum in search of epic architecture.

Before long we stumbled across the magnificent Fontana dell Naiadi, surprisingly not marked on the map.

The roads wound us down to a very Italian Gaga poster by Versace. How iconic?

We got completely and totally lost amongst the epic buildings until we found an Australian tourist to show us the way toward the Colosseum, another one of Mum's fantasy sightings.

Strangely I found the greenery more beautiful than the ancient buildings, after all, they are man made, whilst nature is something that can not be compared.

In the mean time all this trekking burst my poor Australian shoe to smithereens. So I had to but new much more Italian shoes, and what better than loafers. Which are butter soft comfortable.

So Mum copied me.

I didn't mind.

The colosseum was soon concurred by me and my sexy white loafers.

We did a turn about the colosseum before plonking ourselves down in a cafe on a side street with a look out over the said venue.

Nothing better than a cool shaded spot above an auditorium, from which you can watch people gather whilst enjoying a cool glass of wine.

Do I sound like an evil dictator?

Wine poured, I insisted on a more salad inspired lunch as opposed to the usual pizza/pasta combo.

So it was, a massive ball of mozzarella with tomatoes.

Italian ham and melon for the Mum.

And lashings of olive oil.

After lunch we strolled across to the Ponte Sant'Angelo (by strolled I mean got a cab).

Then walked across to the Vatican.

Now this place here is clean, crisp and unlike the rest of Rome.

Not a piece of litter was to be found on the street.

Everything was perfect white marble.

What can I say?

The pope must have money!

The night ended with a truly amazing restaurant, which i honestly didn't think we would find seeing as tourism was so rife.

We managed to stumble across in whilst walking through the Piazza de Pietra.

The place in question was called Osteria dell'Ingegno and it was Devine.

Perfect al dente pasta.

Huge truffles on the pasta for my Mum.

Then came the glorious cheeses!

 With truffle honey on top.


From Margarita,

with Love.