Rome - Day Three

On the third day in Rome I couldn't resist taking a photo of these amazingly cute sandwiches.

I didn't sample them as I am not a sandwich lover but look at the flare they posses.

Flowers and scooters galore on Via Tritone.

My shoe game was a very comfy and breezy pair of Bridgette Bardot style flats by ALDO.

Our meandering took us to a building with this sign.

The magic of Italy is that even when you do not expect it, you find a hidden gem.

What a gorgeous one at that!

Onward and upward we persevered through the tiny dusty streets toward the Pantheon.

Being weak pathetic types we quickly found a prime seat and a glass of white Tuscan to enjoy the view whilst the tourists hoarded in and out of the marvellous structure.

Here is the name of the Rotanda in case you too want to sit like we did.

The Italian spoils consisted of murder red pasta with soft juicy meat balls.

And moorish lobster linguine.

Lots of cheese!

Over lunch we decided that all this walking was much too much and we need to find a spa for a massage pronto. 

I did just fly from Sydney for 24 hours a few days prior so I had a good excuse.

We heard that around the corner was an excellent spa named ACANTO DAY SPA.

We were not disappointed to say the least.

The staff were friendly, the venue was in the form of old catacombs which were built in to form a relaxing experience with massage and spa rooms.

The walls and ceilings were ancient which made the whole time all the more interesting.

After our day spa we stopped by a pasta shop to buy our new porcini truffle obsession. 

Perhaps I will bring Dr.S some to sample?

Like candy.

Dinner was here :

Mum was lured by the porcini on the door step!

And this amazing specimen of Italian wine.

Try it. Seriously.

Even though the atmosphere was gorgeous and quaint. The staff were some of the happiest and most jovial I have yet to encounter, the food was subpar. Perhaps go there for a drink and some pasta?

They can't get the pasta wrong right?

From Margarita,

with Love.