Sushi Samba at the Heron

 I was introduced to an amazing venue in London just before I left for Sydney.

I was taken there by my folks to celebrate my last day in London and I will tell you this much, I can not wait to go to London AGAIN so that I can go to Sushi Samba AGAIN!

Sushi Samba can be found at the top of the Heron Tower and boasts the quickest elevator around. Kind of like a fun fair ride and a visit to a restaurant in one!

The views are pure East London perfection.

The decor is modern, fabulous and a touch asian. 

Very flamboyant and gorgeous.

My favourite part are the layers of floors and rooms each with its own bar to explore.

Our evening began on an outside balcony where drinks are served from this epically bronze tree.

The bar was heaving with business types. We started of with pink bubbles and soon retired to the other balcony where seating was to be found, I am after all lazy or should I say delicate!

A nice seat with an amazing view is always welcome in my book.

Mum found her perfect spot as usual.

The pink champagne was followed by the best and most amazing pink cosmopolitans which matched my Dogon.

Win Win.

Soon the balcony filled with sunset lovers who wanted to capture the setting sun.

I've got one piece of bad news for you however and that is this amazing light sculpture which sits atop the restaurants and glows a perfect fire orange.

It makes the diners feel special and warm BUT the camera does not like the light soooo no food pictures for you.

I will tell you this.

This Japanese and Colombian fusion restaurant has THE BEST food I have ever eaten.

I am not kidding.

And I won't be telling Dr. S because he has extreme food envy.

Sushi Samba rocked my socks off.

From Margarita,

with Love.