The bright blue gem you see in the picture below rests on the shores of the Thames, in Putney Bridge. A neighbourhood I loosely grew up in, in London. I say loosely because we moved so often but this Italian chain sticks in my mind perhaps for nostalgic reasons? Or perhaps for its kick ass chicken milanese.

Having come back from Italy I vowed not to eat Italian! Ever!

Ok for at least a week.

Alas I could not resist Carluccio's.

This was also truly special as there I met up with my sister from another mister and truly closest friend through life Nataliya. I mentioned 'shall we go to Carluccio's?' As we strolled through London on a quest to eat. Nataliya is one of those who waits to eat till midday or even later so is always ravenous when we meet, which suits me just fine as I can ALWAYS eat.

Her reply to my Carluccio question was honest and straight forward, which is why I love her.

'Egh no...don't like that place'...

My heart sank slightly but not to worry I thought. I will lead her there as a metaphoric pied piper and seeing as she is so hungry she WILL eat.

Needless to say my wish came true.  I was on my mission to convince her!

We got a gorgeous table out side in the shade. She didn't seem too unhappy so all was a go.

Look at my plotting little face!

It was time for bribery, all girls love jewellery right?

Also it was her birthday soon.

She unwrapped her present. Nataliya is one of those terrible present openers who takes 5 minutes to unfold each tissue paper and then glares at you excitedly in the eye as if she will some how see what it is you got her.

It's quiet cute really!

There she is, madam cuteness herself playing with her new and may I say gorgeous tribal inspired turquoise ear joy.

Enough of that!

 On to the food.

Nat ordered bruschetta with tomato. 

I ordered one of my childhood loves, chicken pate with caramelised onions and crusty sexy bread. Yum!

Delicious happiness!

 Nat ordered pasta ... I was loving my main so much I forgot to ask how it was.

All I can say is she finished it and quick!

Plenty of parmesan.

I asked for my wondrous crispy on the outside, amazing on the inside chicken milanese.

Rocket and lemon on the side, simple and glorious.

After lunch it was time to get our butts down to Nat's gallery.

She is exhibiting her photography in Broadway House in Fulham.

Amazing work and great drinks with an outdoor patio.

Nataliya's work blew me away. My photos do no justice. Guess you'll just have to go and look for yourselves. 

From Margarita,

with Love.