Bungalow 8

I've had my hair darkened for the Australian winter. 

Kevin McKenzie recommended I do so. 

I was hesitant but after he was done I could hardly help but love it.

I think, even though I never realised the sense in it, darker honey colours do suit winter as they bring out warm tones in your skin which is much needed when you are feeling chilly and cold.

I also dug out my fluffy blue jacket. 

Fabulous Michael Kors piece from a few years back, it amazingly retro 70's and like wearing the throw from your sofa out. 

I am describing the feeling of course, not the look!

My wrist is decorated with Swarovski crystals which I picked up in grey and black when I was Italy. 

They are available everywhere and are so very wearable with dresses or jeans.

My sexy pals came to witness the darkening transformation and to catch up for lunch.

On this occasion we needed some where close by and quick so Bungalow 8 was the call, situated on the beautiful King's Wharf.

The theme of this joint is tiki chic.

It is pub relaxed in it's atmosphere with plenty of places to sit outside under warm heaters which were oh so welcome on this particular cool winter day. 

We promptly grabbed a booth big enough fit all three of us and to wait for the always fashionably late Stephanie.

We had a quick look over the menu, I interviewed Nicole about what exactly was healthy to eat. 

Nicole is amazingly fit, she is a tall drink of water with the tightest body around. She gyms religiously unlike yours truly and eats 5 meals a day which she chooses meticulously with health in mind.

So I decided to order what ever she deemed fit for me plus a glass one wine.


My amazing Erin had a surprise up her sleeve. A healthy surprise I must add. The lucky lamb had just been to the Lorna Jane book launch. 

The wonderful critter bought me a book along.

Now this really coloured me happy! 

Nothing I love more than a cook book, especially a healthy one! Swoon! Erin you charmer.

Lorna Jane, the fitness and health guru, published this incredible book which, may I add, I read cover to cover in one day. The name is NOURISH and the theme is exactly that.

The book has a positive message, Lorna is positive, every shot of her in this book is smiling or laughing, the food is nutritious, fabulous, easy and HEALTHY.

I feel its important to voice to women the importance of nutrition. Looking after your body. Loving it truly. NOT because of how skinny you could be or how hot you can look but because your body is your home for life. Its amazing and deserved respect which Lorna advocates every step of the way.

Nicole recommended I order STEAMED prawn dumplings.

Which may I add were small but yummy.

I followed the order up with crab cakes. Beautiful fresh sweetcorn made a welcome addition.

A must try.

See Nicole approves of my food choices!

The lady lunch was soon cut short, Erin had to trot as Steph arrived. They exchanged kisses and Erin sped off. I didn't mind.

 I had my Lorna Jane book for company!

From Margarita,

with Love.