Felix was my favourite cartoon when I was growing up in Russia. That and Casper the friendly ghost. Those are the only two cartoons that would air weekly in my dear old country at the time, they played every saturday at 1pm. All the kids would run outside to play after lunch with enthusiastic joy to breath in air, swing on swings and basically be kids, whilst I planted myself in front of the TV. Felix it was. MEOW!

Naturally a restaurant named Felix is worth a go to me. 

I met Erin in the city. She wore her signature Tan dress, which is a square bum skimming dress she wears after she's had a chocolate brown tan. 

She tells me that this tan dress was bought for a ridiculous 3 pounds in Primark while she was in the UK. Little sexy bargain hunter!

I wore a snakeskin dress from ZARA which my mum made me promise I wouldn't belt. But alas did! 

Such a rebel! *swoon.

The belt is by Hemres. The boots are by Topshop.

We arrived at Felix.

Felix is a French restaurant. French food is my favourite. 

Buttery, buttery heavenly food.

The decor was keeping in theme with fence bistros in Paris and NewYork. A lovely piece of time travel for yours truly. I love a well presented restaurant. 

May I add that it was packed.

Lyndl and Steph were looking GORGEOUS as always!

Erin and I had a little hug before I ordered Steph and I our signature dry white wines.

I got it right once more. She likes my choices.

Lyndl went straight for the Oysters. She devoured them promptly.

I am sad to say I am not a fan of these sea v*****s, maybe I will grown up and learn to love them.

My meal was a very crispy, fall apart at the bone duck leg.

With silky sauce poured over the top.

The duck was to die for. Honestly.

The garnish I didn't love. The garnish perhaps too cold and crunchy for the tastes to combine.

The other two had a chicken salad, intricate with an amazingly oozy egg on top. 


After our meal we ran upstairs to Level 6 for a few drinks and to chill. There wasn't anyone up there yet. Perfect for lady dates!

The decor is 70s a so cool. I believe that this room was originally a hotel room so the vibe remains.

My drama queen Steph Vogueing!

Drinks came in the form of lemony, vodka fuelled soda water.

The day ended with some more Erin hugs.

From Margarita,

with Love.