Let Them Eat Cake

Not cake perhaps, but dinner.

I have a new obsession of late. His name is my slow cooker.

There is nothing better than having your 'people' come over and enjoy food you've made over a few glasses of wine.

I am a great lover of people and a great lover of food, so to me people I love enjoying the food I made is simply the best.

So a few nights ago I decided to invite my ones and onlys to my place for some slow cooked brisket.

Natalie came first and armed herself with a glass of wine.

She did try to help me with the cooking but I am an A type personality then it comes to the kitchen. I wanna do it ALL myself. 

She was soon followed by Kate who was getting ready to go off on her Mrs Australia journey. Naturally I needed to feed her a healthy and hearty meal before she left.

So here is said hearty meal. Doesn't look like much straight out of the slow cooker but TRUST me its fantastic!

What you need to do is shred the beast to make it look like the shredded BBQ brisket you are used to in restaurants.

This recipe is one I got from Gordon Ramsay. He is my all time favourite for home recipes.

 On the side I served butter slathered sweet corn. Boil, salt, butter. Perfect.

My favourite salad swell which you make by shopping up tomato, cucumber and feta cheese with olive oil and salt.

Peppery rocket with balsamic vinegar and shaved parmesan cheese.

Some crinkly sweet potato fries. YUM!

And honey glazed carrots. Boil them in vegetable stock with thyme and rosemary for 5 mins then leave to cool in the stock. Fish them out and fry on butter with a teaspoon caster sugar to caramelise them.

Here is the spread...

Here is the cook...

Here are my babies enjoying the food!

 Why not make the people you love a meal?

From Margarita,

with Love.