So a great perk of having your partner go abroad is that they feel they must, SIMPLY MUST, bring you a gift from where they went.

A few months ago I lucked out in this particular department.

Dr.S left to go to London and not only was I fiercely jealous that I couldn't go (because my family is there) but I also did miss him. I do have feelings you know!

 I did have to stay to work as much as I would normally drop everything to travel alas I didn't on this occasion.

However, and that is however with a capital H.

He did bring me something back that warmed my heart to the 9th degree!

Here she is on the kitchen table after arriving home.

The dilemma.

 As soon as I peeked into the prized package Dr.S said,

 'Hey if you don't like the colour take it to LV and exchange it'.

Now that was not a good thing to put into my brain.

Choice is hard for me in general!

So here is the lilac creature I was given. So so beautiful and summery, but it did set my mind off thinking.

I do prefer neutral tones as much as I like a pop of colour. On this specific day I was wearing a dress by KOOKAI in black but lilac would clash with most other colours.

Yes yes I know fashion forward clashing doesn't matter! 

So sue me. I like bland!

After a couple of hundred selfies to see how she and I look together naturally!

We went to LV in Sydney and faffed around for half an hour until finally I saw my love and named her Petulia. 

Don't ask me why.

I took her home, styled her with my orange KOOKAI dress and went to high tea for Erin's birthday.

Win Win.

From Margarita,

with Love.