In The Nude

I know, I know. 

Berry lips with a touch of gothic charm are everywhere as are Kylie Jenner matte lips but I can't help but love a bit of nudity, in both sense of the word to be fair.

I think a nude lip is essential. 

It is basic, beautiful and makes boys wanna kiss you unlike a strong fashion lip. Not that we care!

But more so than not these nudes will suit any eye you are wearing and are super easy to throw on.

In this post I am detailing four nude lips by four brands in four different price ranges.


MP 8H Velvet Lips - High Impact Lipstick



MP comes in at a comfortable $13.99 and is a beautiful beige colour. 

This lipstick doesn't glide on however, you need to make sure your lips are buffed and ready for this product before you apply, or perhaps put a lip balm on before hand. 

I like the matte look as well as a very natural lip which this lipstick certainly provides.

The packaging is also solid black and very urban. 

Maybelline NY - Color Sensational



This one would be my recommendation for those who have not tried a nude before. 

Easy to wear, not extreme in colour or texture, goes on easily and adds a slight gloss making your lips plump and cushion like.

It is on the cool side of the spectrum which I love.

An absolute 'yes please!'

Revlon Colour Burst - Lip Butter



This one has a lot more pink than the others and is an ideal nude for the girly girls out there. If you like your lips more princess than matte and edgy then this one is great.

High gloss and high vis. 

To be honest I have worn and loved this one a few times already. 

Very easy to wear without liner and on natural make up days.

'Kiss my candy lips will ya?'

Mac - Satin



Now this is lip is popular, so popular I should write it like this - POPULAR.

It has been on most insta feeds, sites and boards as the go to matte nude for months and months so I am sure you have heard of it before.

Like most Mac lip products it is high in quality and also high in coverage, unlike the other three which can pass as gloss this lipstick certainly won't.

In the photos below I applied the slightest touch of it. If you want to you can completely 'nudify' your lips with this product.

Great for an extreme matte look or with a stronger liner. 

I wear mine with spice by Mac and blend the two.

 Hair - Kevin Mckenzie

Photo - Natalie Roser

From Margarita,

with Love.