Skinny Morning

Morning is a glorious time to start your skinny day where by you treat your body well, work out and eat clean.

So here is my guide to your skinny morning. 

There are three tips which I have to share with you, you can either be a super woman / man and do all three or you can pick and choose one for each individual morning.

The first is a staple which I was fought by my mother and countless other skinny ladies and that is a chunky slice of lemon in your warm water in the morning.

Lemons are not only zingy but are also screaming with vitamins which will kick start your body and have you off to a perfect day. 

Have this before your coffee or any other morning beverage.

A recent discovery is the raspy, kick you up the butt Apple cider vinegar.

A shot of this helps your stomach digest fats and break down food. Ideal before breakfast but make sure to have it with food.

People like to mix it with a glass of water but I would rather drink the sucker down as a shot. Get the deed done as it were.

I have seen great results as I am sure you also will.

My last and favourite is this peppermint flavoured wonder.

Green and sexy, this drink is literally chlorophyl which is essentially plant blood hence the green colour.

This drinks gives you a hit of all that a green vegetable/plant has to offer.

It tastes better than water alone and has amazing benefits.

Happy drinking!

Let me know what you think.

From Margarita,

with Love.