All Saint Dream

 Embellishment especially one of the heavy variety evokes both a feel of exquisite femininity and warrior strength, present on opulent gowns as well as on Aztec murals I love the juxtaposition of this skirt which I acquired at ALL SAINTS in London.

Paired with a white shirt this skirt is taken away from its try hard appearance and thrown into a casual and light domain. The deep V of the white shirt means that this look is sexy and down to earth. Make sure that the bra you wear makes a statement, preferably a sexy lacy statement and please under no circumstance wear a white t-shirt bra.

The shoes shine and sparkle on your dancing feet, they are also shockingly comfortable at least on my feet, or are my feet numb from so many high heels?

The shirt is from ZARA whilst the shoes are from Kurt Geiger.

This look is dreamy, whimsical and strong.

From Margarita,

with Love.