Forgetting Food at Chiswick

Natalie arranged for us to go to Chiswick in Sydney for a beautiful lunch...

which we forgot to take pictures of....

Yes, we forgot.

This doesn't mean the food wasn't gorgeous. It really was Devine. 

It was more that we were so happy catching up, chatting and running around the lawn outside that we forgot to take time and 'smell the coffee'.

Not to worry though. 

I have settled on this venue as my Bridal Shower venue so I am sure we will take photos then.

Or will we?

One thing I will tell you though, is that Chiswick had THE BEST none alcoholic options I've ever encountered. 

Cross my heart, I would choose this bad ass lavender, blueberry soda over a champagne and I LOVE champagne. 

Natalie had a yummy cocktail with strawberry.

These made us suitably happy.

The other two were taken by the menu. 

The only food we did take a photo of was the 'of the chart amazing' garlic bread. 

Rustic and super good.

The restaurant is light, breezy, flooded with light bouncing off white fittings and gleaming of gorgeous wooden floors. 

The furniture is down to earth and clean, families are welcome and create a beautiful homely atmosphere.

The gardens outside give you a breath of fresh air and enlighten the eye with their green gloriousness.

We finished our food and ran out onto the lawn for pictures as a woman whispered behind us 'who are those blond girl?!?' , clearly we upset her with our excitement.

Erin and I wore kookai in orange. They recently released their collection which you should check out for sure.

From Margarita,

with Love.