Humans like animals are born with instinct. 

The gut speaks to you and lets you know if you should avoid a person or a situation, make a business move or invest in a project. If you listen you are normally on a good path.

However, instinct can be confused with paranoia or subliminal messaging.

Lately I have been attracted beyond reasonable doubt toward orange. Not just any orange but the hot tropical near read orange. 

My lip sticks, bags, accessories and dresses have been turning this district shade of 'in your face' orange. I am normally a black and grey and neutral girl. So what is it?

Naturally instinct kicked in, for reasons un known to me I typed the words 'it colour' into google only for my feed of images to be submerged by the same orange I have been collecting like a crazed magpie. 

Vogue, Elle and every one in between has been blasting their pages with the colour.

Alas, it seems instinct lead me to adore the 'it colour' and then it lead me to google it.

Or perhaps it was the influence of the mega fashion machine?

Who know? 

But this colour makes my day, my week and as it seems my month.

From Margarita,

with Love.