Monday Perks

This monday I gathered together all the things that make me happy.

The gold aggressive looking pine apple and the spiral like container on the right hand side are from an amazing store in double bay a few doors down from Mr.Cook flowers. I acquired them when my mum was over from London. I had to wrangle her into believing me that gold was gorgeous and not a no-no as she sometimes seems to believe. She's a silver sister. These two live on my kitchen island and sexify the room endlessly.

Relais&Chateaux was something we picked up on my birthday. 

This book illustrates the best hotels, each one more opulent than the other. The book is great to flip through and dream about your future adventures.

The two solid gold bracelets are from a high street store which I forget.

The other two are Devine and come from Hermes. The are solid and so classy.

Watch from Michael Kors of which I have a few.

Necklaces are from Zara.

Earrings from Mexico when I went there to shoot two summers ago.

The mascara is raved about and more popular than a cheerleader at high school. 

To be honest, I love the packaging but not the product. 

For me the brush isn't chubby enough. I love my brushes like I love my puppies. Chubby.

The Sugar Bomb by Benefit is fantastic and makes your skin look all sorts of dewy and peachy.

Finally the Dogon from Hermes.

 I love this so much that I haven't brought myself to use it. It sits totally lonely and completely admired.

 So if I never call or see you, you should know it's probably because I love you THAT much.

From Margarita,

with Love.