Pretty in Pastel

I have been doing make up trials lately for my wedding, so naturally I care about the opinion of Dr.S concerning what his vision of my made up face will be on the day he sees me as his bride.

Ever since I've known him he has stated the same preference when it concerns my make up, lip colour and nails. 

PASTEL is his choice of word.

A straight forward but curious term, curious because when I point out a true pretty pastel he doesn't deem it as quite the colour he means.

I have come to the conclusion that men, or should I say a lot of men miss women in soft feminine tones. I guess it makes them feel they are in the presence of something other then their species, something etherial and gentle. 

Why not give them that illusion I say? 

Fashion for me was always about playing a character.

This look is inspired by Dr.S and his pastel obsession, my love of a pencil skirt, the leather trend that has hit the world hard/fast and of course Sports Luxe which ties the two ideas together. The crop top is super soft and sporty whilst the skirt is structured and strong under its pretty pastel pink demeanour. 

Where this around the city and end the day with cocktails.

Both items are from TOP SHOP.

Shoes are by RALPH LAUREN.