Ocean view

 Art imitates life. 

Yet sometimes an imitation is not just that, it is also an interpretation, and in saying that can be more exciting than the life it is imitating. Much like language when translated can have a hilarious result or a moving one.

We spent the day at Bondi plotting moves and writing in your diaries plans about the future. The idea was to have a stunning ocean to look at and to shoot with. But sometimes you can't resist the way that someone has depicted that what is in front of you, like this ocean mural behind me.

You know that I love simple colour palettes so here I am wearing a beige skirt with a silky slip and white textured blazer.

The shoes are to me reminiscent of equestrian wear.

Slip - ZARA

Blazer - TopShop

Skirt - GUESS


From Margarita,

with Love.