Matthew Williamson

Matthew solved many women's problems when he made this dress and in fact when he made many of the dresses. 

Let me paint you a picture of said problem. 

You are rushing out of the door on night out, you throw on a dress you recently bought, it's gorgeous and different. As you're about to dash out you realise none of your accessories match. You run around your apartment, you hold up bags and necklaces, none of them work. You send selfies to your best friend, your mum and everyone else in between. You check the clock, you're running late. You are defeated, you rip of the dress, slip into your trusty LBD and vow to wear the new dress next time when you have time to plan the 'sides'.

Matthew is genius in that his embellishments are often built in, like the stunning tribal mermaid shoulders of this dress. So beautiful in their design you almost shouldn't wear anything with them.

Let us glance at the hem shall we? 

How the colour seamlessly transforms from a deep ocean blue into a tranquil sky blue. 

The story is told, your outfit is complete. 

Thank you Matthew.

From Margarita,

with Love.