Ripped Jeans

If you've never had a man over the age of 40 ask you if you've been 'attacked by a wild animal?" or offer to 'buy you new jeans!' whilst chuckling under their breath, you haven't worn truly ripped jeans.

Escaping from the 80s, sneaking stealthily into 2012 and remaining alive and kicking until 2014, ripped jeans have been and I think always will be a favourite of mine.

I am not a rebel.

 At least I don't think I am regardless of how many times that label might be suggested to me. I think to call your self a rebel is slightly naff and if anything idiotic unless of course you are rebelling in the political context, then please go ahead! Power to the people!

Ripped jeans by no means make you that. But they do make you cool in summer due to their air conditioning properties, and give a throw back to the 80s in which I was never fortunate enough to live. However when I wear these jeans I feel like I could be in 'Licence to Drive' or the 'Beat it' music video. If these don't ring a bell then you clearly don't share my passion. So be it.

What is fun though is to pair them with ultra feminine lingerie and an 80s embellished shoulder jacket. If for no reason but to annoy the jean buying, wild cat watching gentlemen who seem so concerned about your well being.

Jacket - Vinatge


Jeans - ZARA


From Margarita,

with Love.