Honeymoon Postcard

Your mind has a way of saving moment and fraction of memories, these photos are simply that. The moments that we pulled out the camera and wanted to capture the moment. 

Here I am sharing them with you.

I wont describe what the honeymoon was like and what we did day by day, simply because this is the point of the honeymoon, it is there for two people share.

Valentines day has me thinking about moments shared.

 Seeing as Valentines day was only yesterday the ripples and affects of this day has been felt far and wide. The roses all over Instagram, cuddly bears on Facebook and 'what did you do?' being the question on people's lips.

I find human nature fascinating to a point of obsession. 

I find it fascinating when men protest against the sentiment of this day, so strongly as if they are suffragettes rallying against female repression. I understand the idea of being against commercialism and not wanting to adhere to what society says, however if you are so politically motivated, how come I don't see you protesting against child labour or seal clubbing, alas instead you boycott the day when you can make a lady feel special. 

Perhaps its the inflated price of roses that concern you, no worries there, most women would be happy with a home cooked meal and a meaningful glance in her eye balls while you profess your love/like or appreciation of her existence.

I must add that I as a person will always wrap a gift under the christmas tree and on valentines day will do something for the one I love. After all, why waste your energy protesting against a day to celebrate love? If you have so much pent up protesting energy built up, I can give you a bunch of causes that truly do matter, at least then you'll be doing good in the world AND have a happy boyfriend/girlfriend.

This brings me to the honeymoon, I believe for me, honeymoons and valentines days alike are there to stop you in your track, sit you opposite your partner and let you acknowledge how lucky you two bastards are to have each other, and most importantly to get to know each other again, this is what these days are for. Also, any excuse to celebrate, life IS too short.

Now I must go as my kitten is eating my roses. See everyone likes a flower really!

 From Margarita,

with Love.