Simplicity is hard to achieve, in conversation, in a concept and perhaps mostly in relationships. However, simplicity in clothing is somewhat a more achievable.

No jewellery and a simple t-shirt dress, striped horizontally is in order to balance my somewhat hectic life for the last two months.

I had disappeared lately, neglecting you all in the process like a frazzled workaholic because I got married. The organisation and sheer amount of planning that it took, took it out if me. Followed by the most incredible day and epic honey moon. One which I will document for you here in two shakes of a lambs tail, so be patient.

The planning, the wedding, the moon are easy in comparison to what follows which is the essence of simplicity, man and wife, two people together. This seems easy enough but far from it, no body tells you what happens in the happily ever after, or as it seems these days happily ever after 40% of the time. Divorce is a popular pass time.

In relationships the simple times are the hardest, the times where tradition doesn't dictate what to do, the times when there aren't over joyed people partying in honour of your love and nuptials.

I am over whelmed and excited to discover how it is to live the 'happily ever after' or more aptly how to live life after all the celebration. So perhaps I'll simply start with a simple dress.

Dress by ZARA

From Margarita,

with Love.