Laziness is not a virtue but sometimes it can work in your favor. Henry (my photographer) and I wondered downstairs to shoot a couple of images for the Kardashian Kollection, we didn't bother finding an exciting location, because I guess we are both deathly easy going and I can only speak for myself here, lazy. Don't get me wrong I work hard but when a bout of laziness dawns on the horizon there is no limit to the corners I won't cut. In this situation it worked for the best. The light was soft and pleasant, the only way late afternoon sun can be.

The combo of this jacket and pencil skirt is not for the hater of being matchy, but ideal for the person who wants to look put together and sporty at the same time. Let's call it what it is and be done with it, sport luxe. The mesh reminds me of the vests Jamaican men used to wear in Brixton London when I was a kid growing up, which in my eyes makes it instantly cool.